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Mike Jensen

I first met Mike at a trade show with my good friend Colin Brickley from Asics. Mike was also with Asics at the time and had played a huge role in the growth of a presence in street culture that was typically dominated by Nike. Those who have read the Shoe Dog book know that Nike actually grew from being the distributor for Tiger shoes which was Asics. This trade show really demonstrated to me the level of authenticity Asics had built with the worlds most influential retail partners such as Kith in an incredibly competitive space. The Asics booth was very understated and said everything it needed to say without shouting from the rafters. I really liked what Mike...

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FR. and A Continuous Lean

I have been a fan of Michael Williams and ACL since 2008 and he was a huge inspiration for me to start FR. Hope you enjoy this podcast we did together recently.  

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Eric Lagerstorm

  In March of 2020, for the first time in my life, I watched Youtube–and not to learn how to setup or fix my Garmin that never ever works…I will be switching to Wahoo shortly.....better product it seems and incredible branding. I went deep into YouTube with gravel riding videos, Casey Neistat, photographer Peter McKinnon, Japanese pottery and discovered a channel called That Triathlon Life. I couldn’t stop watching these episodes because they were an inside look at the lives of two pros, but done in a way that was inviting and incredibly interesting. It was transparent and I felt like I knew Eric and Paula personally just from watching the shows. I have a long background in triathlon with...

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The Life of Karl Mackie

   Karl Mackie is not only one of my favourite photographers in the world, but also one of my absolute favourite people. He is a surfer, trail runner and a true advocate for simple living. I met Karl years ago on a Skype call when we were planning out a very small Foreign Rider shoot in his hometown of Cornwall in England. Just me, Karl and a couple of backpacks. We shot young students who were all athletes, but also incredible creators.That trip had a huge impact on me because of the way Karl lived his life - driven by his passion for the sea, outdoors and seeing the planet through his lens.We have done a lot of work together with various...

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Ross Evans

Over my career, I have had the opportunity to meet or discover some really interesting people. The kind of people that immediately make an impression on you through their values and shared vision.  We are launching a bi-weekly series on our newsletter called FR. Footprints talking to people who are quietly leaving a significant impression on both people and planet. Ross Evans is someone I met through the FR. Instagram as we were communicating about sizing for one of our 400gsm hooded jackets. There was a fair bit of back and forth to dial in his sizing and we finally got it figured out and shipped Ross his jacket. Shortly after, Ross sent me some photos of his jacket in use and...

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