Exploration Of Fr.eedom: Malibu, CA

Man cliffside sitting on idle Triumph motorbike overlooking the Pacific ocean wearing Foreign Rider clothing

Introducing the first edition of our upcoming film series, "Exploration of Fr.eedom," set in Malibu, California.

We are thrilled to unveil our first collection through a captivating collaborative film with VAHNA.

Save the date for June 15th at 10am EST when our premium cotton collection becomes available. Included in the delivery is a collection of sweatshirts and t-shirts using premium organic cotton with next-to-skin comfort, exception quality and long-last durability.

Two men on vintage motorcycles rounding a Malibu cliffside road
Two men sitting on their idle vintage motorbikes overlooking the Pacific ocean from a Malibu cliffside
Supima LS T-Shirt
Aerial view of rocky Malibu shoreline and Pacific ocean
Landscape view of green Santa Monica mountains and two men rounding a corner on vintage motorbikes
Man cliffside sitting on idle Triumph motorbike overlooking the Pacific ocean wearing Foreign Rider clothing
High Neck Hooded Sweatshirt
Man standing in front of bushes wearing Foreign Rider Long Sleeve Moto Jersey T-shirt
FR. Moto Jersey
Man sitting on idle motorbike wearing Bell Helmet and Biltwell goggles wearing Foreign Rider Supima Cotton Short Sleeve T-shirt
Bird flying in clear skies over a big rock along the Malibu coast
Man standing cliffside over the Pacific ocean wearing a Foreign Rider Striped Full Zip Hoodie
Striped Full Zip Sweatshirt
Man cliffside over the Pacific ocean sitting on parked Triumph vintage motorbike wearing Foreign Rider clothing
Man sitting on motorbike wearing Foreign Rider Graphic Tiger T-shirt
Tiger Graphic T-Shirt
Man standing in front of Santa Monica mountains wearing Foreign Rider Skull T-shirt
Skull Graphic T-Shirt
Green Santa Monica mountain wide landscape view and clear skies
Green landscape shot of Santa Monica Mountains with a hazy background
Chest detail shot of black YKK zipper and embroidered Foreign Logo on the orange Full Zip Hoodie
FR. Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt
Man sitting on idle vintage motorbike at sunset overlooking Santa Monica landscape

Creative Director: Ben Giese
Videographer: Kasen Schamaun
Photographer: John Hebert