Karl Mackie is not only one of my favourite photographers in the world, but also one of my absolute favourite people. 

He is a surfer, trail runner and a true advocate for simple living. 

I met Karl years ago on a Skype call when we were planning out a very small Foreign Rider shoot in his hometown of Cornwall in England. Just me, Karl and a couple of backpacks. We shot young students who were all athletes, but also incredible creators.

That trip had a huge impact on me because of the way Karl lived his life - driven by his passion for the sea, outdoors and seeing the planet through his lens.

We have done a lot of work together with various brands and traveled to various parts of the world, creating compelling imagery that has had a huge impact on the brands we were working with.

Photography is super competitive. Being a creative agency is super competitive. Understanding a brand's DNA and soul is incredibly difficult and Karl makes it look effortless. 

We will be digging deeper into the world of Karl with an extended version of FR. Footprints, but I wanted to introduce each of you to Karl because he is one of the best photographers and branding guys in the world. We have big plans together for future FR. shoots and documentaries. The best part is I don’t really have to explain to Karl what I am looking for–he just knows.

These images you see here were ones Karl recently sent me just of him using our 400 gsm hooded jacket and Supima long sleeve post surf and post trail run.

They blew my mind, but at the same it's what you get from Karl when he is committed to a product and a company. 

For those who are looking for world class imagery and creative–reach out to Karl…..he is the world's best kept secret……for now.

Can't wait to show you what we have planned for the future for FR. and Karl will play a major part in how we communicate with you. 

No bullshit. No hype. No marketing.

Just communicating with each of you in a very, very transparent manner. 

And to Karl–thanks for wearing our gear and thanks for sending these photographs. They say everything about FR. without having to say a word. 

Thanks for reading.

Ralph | fr.


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March 19, 2021 — Ralph Dunning