June 09, 2016

A few years ago my wife was reading a book called Everything That Remains and was telling me about these two guys who quit their corporate jobs making 200k a year to live a minimalist lifestyle. I thought to myself - what does that mean? They wear Helmut Lang and read Dieter Rams books? Lisa explained to me that they travel around the country sharing their story of living a happy life with less. I have considered myself a minimalist my entire life. The type of design I have always liked, the music I listen to ( loscil, boards of canada etc) and my belief in what timeless design meant.

Lisa took me to see them speak two years ago in Toronto. We got there pretty early so we could get a good seat, but to be honest I figured it would be a really small group that would show up for this. I had read the book and it was truly amazing to see how these guys flushed out so much excess in every aspect of their lives. The talk was packed and every bit of space was taken up with all ages. 

Last week, my wife took me to see the Toronto film premiere of their documentary which was a visual walk through of their talks, beliefs and other people who are embracing minimalism.

There was a lengthy segment on their apparel selections and it showed how they packed for a 10 month road trip with just one bag. That's a bag and not a giant suitcase. They also showcased a number of brands that are just producing low quality, mass volume apparel that has gotten to the point of excess that consumers have nobody to give it to when they get rid of it. Josh actually discusses in the movie how if he is going to buy a sweatshirt, he would prefer to spend a little more and get a piece that will really last and he will get a lot use out of it......invest in quality.

When I started to think about foreign rider back in 2009 I was travelling a lot to ride my bike and started to think about what that meant in how I packed and what i really wore every day. Post ride comfort was very important to me, but so was building a wardrobe around basic essentials that last and are timeless in design and aesthetic.

Minimalism is actually becoming trendy with certain brands out there and it may or may not last in the streetwear world.....but to me, it's the most timeless type of design we have seen over the last 60 plus years and will always exist with any company I am involved with.

I used to think of minimalism as a design and creative element, but I now embrace minimalism as a way to live our lives and make decisions about what we bring into our lives.

Excess has an impact on the environment and mass shipping containers have an impact on the environment.

Think before you buy......

check them out at www.theminimalists.com

Thanks for reading.

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