Odyssey UPF Hoodie Grey

Size: S

A Warm Weather Essential

Crafted to meet a wide range of athletic activities, from workouts and warm-weather adventures to long travel days, this hoodie is designed with versatility in mind.  Featuring an athletic fit that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and performance, it's neither too baggy nor too tight.


1/2 Chest1 Shoulder2 Sleeve3 Length4
S 1912" 16" 34" 26"
M 2012" 17" 3412" 27"
L 2112" 18" 35" 28"
XL 2212" 19" 3512" 29"
2XL 2312" 20" 36" 30"

For a more accurate understanding of the fit, we suggest comparing these measurements with a garment you already own.
1/2 Chest - Lay the garment flat, start 1" below the armhole seam right where the armpit ends and measure across the chest from the right side to the left side.
Shoulder - Measure from the tip on one shoulder across to the tip of the other shoulder.
Sleeve - Measure from the center of the neck to the shoulder tip and down the sleeve to the cuff edge.
Length - Measure from the center of the neck seam down to the bottom hem.
Size: S