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Utility Long Sleeve Button Down Oxford Blue

Size: S

A Timeless Oxford Inspired by the Icons of the 1960s

The Utility Button Down Shirt pays homage to the timeless elegance of the 1960s Oxford button-downs, inspired by icons like Steve McQueen who effortlessly fused style with functionality. Crafted from ultra-soft organic cotton, this shirt is an essential wardrobe piece for daily wear, seamlessly blending timeless style with modern sustainability.


Sustainable Elegance

  • Made from 100% organic cotton, emphasizing both comfort and environmental responsibility

Vintage-Inspired Design

  • Smaller 1960s vintage-style button-down collar, versatile for both open and closed wear
  • Breathable fabric ensures comfort throughout the day
  • Fabric and garment washed to eliminate shrinkage, maintaining the shirt's shape and size
  • Superior softness for a luxurious feel
  • Regular fit that balances between relaxed and snug for versatile wear

Functional and Stylish Details

  • Utility chest pocket for practical use
  • Custom fr. buttons adding a unique touch
  • Available in timeless colours, suitable for various occasions

Ethical Manufacturing

  • Responsibly manufactured in Vietnam, upholding high standards of quality and ethical production practices
1/2 Chest1 Shoulder2 Sleeve3 Length4
S 19 38" 16 18" 25 58" 28 34"
M 20 78" 17 18" 26" 29 34"
L 22 38" 18 18" 26 38" 30 34"
XL 24 38" 19 18" 26 34" 31 34"
2XL 26 38" 20 18" 27 18" 32 34"

For a more accurate understanding of the fit, we suggest comparing these measurements with a garment you already own.
1/2 Chest - Lay the garment flat, start 1" below the armhole seam right where the armpit ends and measure across the chest from the right side to the left side.
Shoulder - Measure from the tip on one shoulder across to the tip of the other shoulder.
Sleeve - Measure from the center of the neck to the shoulder tip and down the sleeve to the cuff edge.
Length - Measure from the center of the neck seam down to the bottom hem.
Size: S