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Waxed Canvas Utility Jacket Olive

Size: S

Crafted from Halley Stevonsons™ 100% organic cotton waxed canvas, whose textiles and waxed cotton development have a rich history dating back to 1880's.

Our Waxed Canvas Utility Jacket is a sustainable marvel, designed to endure and age gracefully. With each wear, it gains character as it naturally creases and develops a subtle patina.

Naturally breathable-in warmer weather, it becomes softer and more breathable, while in colder conditions, it transforms into a stiffer, windproof shield.

The waxed canvas boasts water- repellant properties that shield you from the elements, making it your go-to choice for any weather. A thin liner provide next-to-skin comfort.

What truly sets our Waxed Canvas Utility Jacket apart is its sustainability. Unlike synthetic fabrics that often end up in landfills when their performance degrades, this jacket can be regularly reproofed to maintain its excellence for years to come. 

  • Crafted from 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified Halley Stevensons waxed organic cotton (335 gsm / 10oz.), proudly milled in Scotland
  • Lined with 100% soft cotton for your comfort, also made in Scotland
  • Featuring a classic fit and designed for year-round wear.
  • Double needle stitch detail ensures long-lasting durability
  • Premium quality FR. metal shank buttons make it easy to use and built to last
  • Keep your hands warm and essentials close with hand pockets
  • Additional storage is provided by chest pockets with FR. metal shank buttons
  • Customize the fit with an adjustable waistband equipped with two FR. metal shank buttons
  • Offers reliable water repellancy, ensuring you stay dry even in rainy conditions
  • Provides excellent wind resistance, making it a dependable choice for blustery days
  • Despite its weather-resistant qualities, the jacket remains highly breathable, ensuring you stay comfortable in various temperatures
  • Woven and dyed in Scotland
  • Cut and sewn in Canada
1/2 Chest1 Shoulder2 Sleeve3 Length4
S 2112" 16" 3312" 24"
M 22" 17" 34" 25"
L 23" 18" 35" 26"
XL 24" 19" 35" 27"
2XL 25" 20" 36" 28"

For a more accurate understanding of the fit, we suggest comparing these measurements with a garment you already own.
1/2 Chest - Lay the garment flat, start 1" below the armhole seam right where the armpit ends and measure across the chest from the right side to the left side.
Shoulder - Measure from the tip on one shoulder across to the tip of the other shoulder.
Sleeve - Measure from the center of the neck to the shoulder tip and down the sleeve to the cuff edge.
Length - Measure from the center of the neck seam down to the bottom hem.
Size: S